I love your work - What happens next?

That’s great – I would love to meet you & work with you. The next step is to arrange a pre-wedding consultation where we can have a chat about your big day & get to know each other to make sure we are a right fit for one another. This can be a meeting in person or alternatively, over Skype if that suits better. To secure your wedding date, I ask for a non – refundable 50% deposit. I ask for the deposit to be processed within 7 days of the consultation so as to make sure your wedding date is secured to avoid any disappointment. Drop me an email through here with details of your big day including date and venue and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

How much is the booking fee and when is the final due?

A: Upon booking a wedding photography package, a 50% non refundable deposit will be collected to secure the date. The remainder is due 30 days before the wedding.

How long before we get to see our photos?

A: Between 8-12 weeks from the day itself you will receive the photos in the mail. You will get sneak peaks and a cheeky surprise here and there to keep you excited for the final product. Who doesn’t love a surprise?

Do you shoot outside of Manchester / UK?

A: Yes! Absolutely! Infact, it’s one of the things I absolutely love doing. I love travelling and working all in one. I just ask for mileage costs to be covered and a cosy place to rest up before and after the wedding since photographers feel like baby giraffe’s after a wedding shoot!

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

A: I’ll share two perspectives with you here. One as a newly wed, and two, as a photographer.

When I got married in 2016, we had to plan for 2 weddings. We planned for the civil Ceremony in New Zealand and we planned for the traditional Indian wedding here in the UK, in Manchester. We already had alot to budget for as we were doing it twice over. As soon as we had set the date, we had decided that we would spend less elsewhere if we had to but Photography and Video would be a priority for both weddings.


Because after the months of planning, stress, travel, we were about to get MARRIED, which is one of the biggest days of our lives, and to not capture the moments of both days, would be heartbreaking for us. Heck I even busted out my own camera when the official photographer had gone so I could get moments from our day in New Zealand after the civil.

The value of a photograph is priceless. Its the only thing after your wedding that you take away with you, along with your new husband or wife of course!

These photos take us back to that day & the emotions surface to the top from both of them days.

As a photographer’s perspective, you’re paying us for a service which is invaluable. The process of working with a bride and groom is as follows: Learn your craft & vision(this can take years), upgrade equipment & invest in the right software and hardware, marketing, respond to enquiries, set up consultation with bride and groom to be, meet bride and groom for a consultation, book the wedding & invoice, get in contact with bride and groom nearer the time of the wedding to finalise details, shoot the wedding on the day smoothly & effectively and professionally, go home and block out 2/3 days of the calendar to go through the selection process of the photos, bespoke edit each image that makes the cut, send sneak peeks or surprises to bride and groom, request the bride and groom to select the images they would like to have seen on the photobook, spend a day designing the photobook and USB & send off to supplier to place order, order arrives and is sent to bride & groom. So what looks like a one day job, there’s really more to the process and we are very lucky to be able to do what we do because of clients like you! So we thank you! But essentially, that’s what your paying for alongside capturing the photos on the day itself.

If you have any other questions, of course shoot me an email here and you can also request a brochure via the form too!